Our Product Variety

Harar Coffee

One of the world’s most prized coffees, Harar coffee hasa medium to light acidity, it;s full bodied with a typical mocha flavour with a winey after taste. Of the two varieties, short berry and long berry, the later is considered the most desirable.

Yirga Cheffee Coffee

Considered the finest of all coffees grown in the horn of Africa. Its most prevalent taste characteristic in lemon, which gives a distict tart bite that combines with a rich, floral finish.

Sidamo Coffee

Popular among the seciality trade, the beans are processed in both dry and wet methods. Beans produce flavour notes with a spicy character and a round, balanced acidity in the cup.

Limu Coffee

Characterized by its winey after taste. This washed coffee delivers a vibrant, balanced cup with a sharp acidity and classic taste.

Lekempti Coffee

Typically used in blends. This coffe is characterized by is fruity flavour and bright acidity.

Djimmah Coffee

Coffee is said to have gottenits name from the ethopian region of kaffa where coffee is produced like other coffeed from this region.
Djimmah Coffee bean produce a rather heavy boiled cup with a winey after taste.

Illubabor Coffee

Pungent in flavour, this coffe is used as a blend, resulting in a balanced, full bodied, hearty flavour.

Tepi Coffee

Used in blends, this coffee contributes to good balanced cup and enhances the wild characteristics of Ethopian Coffee

Bebeka Coffee

Similar to Tepi, this coffee is also used in blends.


Robera is the most reputable company import-export company
established over a decade ago and primarily engaged in the export of quality Ethopian coffee to different parts of the world.

Robera is also widely known by its roasted, ground and specially packed
coffee supplies to various local and international.

By using state of the art coffee processing and labora-tory
equipments, high level professionals and consistently quality
conscious managment, Robera has registered a track record of
continous success.

Our Vision

To become the best internationally
competitive quality coffee exporting;
a leading center of coffee
tourism services in Ehoiopia and be choice
of customers by meeting and exceeding their
needs & expectation.


To deliver quality coffee to the world market and provide coffee tourism services to the best satisfaction of is customers.


  • To export quality coffee to the global market
  • To provide a leading coffee roasting services
  • To develop coffee farm, prodice and export organic coffee
  • To promote farm to cup coffee services
  • To provide a state-of-the art coffee gallery
    and coffee tourism services

Our Values

  • Fulfillments of Customer’s satisfaction.
  • Building Team Spirit for the fulfillment of customer’s satisfaction.
  • Honesty and Integrity – doing business with the highest integrity and honesty
  • Transparency – open in what we do and say and accept responsibility
  • Environment Sensitive – we work for the betterment of the environment and promotion of organic products.
  • Sense of National Pride Growth and Development Environment Sensitive

Honesty and Integrity

Here at Robera, the founders have built this company on these important pillars. This is why our foreign clients rest easy knowing we deliver quality products and we deliver on time. Even our competitors trust our process and feel comfortable enough to use our facilities to process their own products. It is because we value honesty and integrity in our work that we have been able to be successful for the past two decades in this industry.

Sense of National Pride

Coffee being the major foreign currency earner for the nation, the company was first founded with the intention of being one of the first Ethiopian companies to bring international acclaim to the nation based on the quality of its products, that is, coffee from its birthplace. The company now believes that with regards to the export of quality coffee, it has achieved its objective.

Growth and Development

Along with this national pride comes the desire to significantly affect the social and economic fabric of the people of Ethiopia. Millions depend on the coffee industry since it contributes to more than half of the total foreign currency Ethiopia earns. Unless that section of our population develops, the country as a whole cannot grow. Therefore, by doing our part as a company, we want to be able to bring about positive change to our country.

Ongoing Project

Coffee Plantation – We have planted coffee bushes on 175 hectares of land and 125 hectares are ready for plantation. During this development process, we have already created jobs for a over 300 workers. Once the plantation begins operation at full capacity, we expect to create jobs for about 600-800 persons. We believe in employing persons from the community because, it promotes community development and contributes towards changing their standards of living.
We are not only creating job opportunities, we do also provide technical assistance to the farmers around our plantation and giving them access to our’ experts, we believe that we can impart a lasting knowledge that they can use to get better yields and quality products through learning and application of scientific farming methods thereby enabling them to harvest more on the same area of land than the customary practices. As we have gotten recognition for our efforts by the local government, we are hoping to receive more land in the coming years where we would have the opportunity to create even more jobs.