Creating Specialty Market for our Coffee: As our coffee is traceable to the farm, entering Specialty Coffee Market and promoting our product is something we take pride in as it is changing the narrative of what people generally know about Lekempti coffee, this has a ripple effect not just for our company but, to the farmers in the area.

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The rite of drinking Ethiopian coffee is an experience so unique as it is cherished; it is a ceremony of its own. Coffee drinking is a communal activity that brings family and friends together. With every package we put together, the Robera Coffee family works hard to convey and demonstrate that to the world.

We offer premium 100% Arabica, value-added coffee products for both our domestic and international customers. We meticulously choose premium coffee beans and roast them according to our unique roasting profile to meet the needs of our highly esteemed clients. For our local clients, our distribution center offers our signature blend in various sizes with the option of customization upon request.

With our signature Robera Blend, we hope to share a little piece of our culture and promote Ethiopian coffee’s distinctive qualities all across the world.

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