Creating Specialty Market for our Coffee: As our coffee is traceable to the farm, entering Specialty Coffee Market and promoting our product is something we take pride in as it is changing the narrative of what people generally know about Lekempti coffee, this has a ripple effect not just for our company but, to the farmers in the area.

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Robera Coffee



Our journey as a company began in 1994 when two shareholders joined forces to develop a product that would represent our country globally. Coffee is one of Ethiopia’s strong historical and cultural emblems. Discovered first in the highlands of Ethiopia, coffee has a unique history here and is revered and regarded as sacred by many. Since then, coffee has become one of Ethiopia’s top goods traded worldwide.

We at Robera, are proud to present you “Coffee from its Birthplace” as it’s always meant to be.

To become the best Internationally competitive quality coffee exporting company; promote sustainable farming, be a leading center of coffee tourism service in Ethiopia and be a choice of customers by meeting and exceeding their needs & expectations.

To deliver quality coffee locally and to the world market.

To export quality coffee to the global market To provide a leading coffee roasting service To develop coffee farm, produce and export organic coffee To promote farm to cup coffee services To provide a state-of-the art coffee gallery and coffee tourism services

Integrity, Transparency, Environmentally conscious


  • Export of commercial and specialty coffee
  • Processing and warehousing
  • Coffee Roasting and Retail
  • Paper Distribution: We are one of the country’s leading suppliers of a wide range of high-quality APP Paper products to fulfill the needs of both small and large-scale printing presses.
A business that is committed beyond coffee and the empowerment of its people.

Along with the national pride that goes with Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee comes a significant desire to positively affect the social and economic fabric of our people. Robera has been at the forefront in empowering the community it resides in.

We have created jobs for over 300 workers and have plans on hiring more promoting community development and contribute towards changing their standards of living.

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