Creating Specialty Market for our Coffee: As our coffee is traceable to the farm, entering Specialty Coffee Market and promoting our product is something we take pride in as it is changing the narrative of what people generally know about Lekempti coffee, this has a ripple effect not just for our company but, to the farmers in the area.

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Training Institute


Robera Coffee Training Institute is a licensed institute offering TVET short-term coffee certificate program training on:

  LEVEL II-          Roasting, Grinding and Barista Technique in Coffee

                           Basic Sensory Tests &Analysis in Coffee


LEVEL III         Analysis of Coffee Cupping Tests

                          Inter-related Processes in Coffee Production and Processing

  Our institute’s primary goal is to encourage knowledge-based coffee investment; in addition, the training programs consider the potential for job development and relishing coffee’s authentic flavor. Experts in the field with a wealth of knowledge are in charge of delivering the training. Teaching aids like lesson plans, reference books, and labs are all made available for our trainees. Teaching aids like lesson plans, reference books, and labs are all made available for our trainees. 

 After completing their training, trainees will have a variety of career options, including starting their own coffee business or finding work in cooperatives, associations, unions, coffee farms, coffee processing factories, or other private, public, or nonprofit organizations that are involved in the coffee industry.

 For our international visitors, we have designed a unique special short-term practical training program that covers the fundamentals of sensory testing, grading, cupping, roasting, grinding, and barista technique. This program can last 3, 5, or 8 hours, 1 day, 3 days, a week, or a month.


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